Fragrance of Arabia is a story of passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to quality. Established in 2011, this perfume house has quickly become a leading name in the fragrance industry.


We at Fragrance of Arabia embarked on a sensual journey to learn about the various fragrance oils and blends. With no prior knowledge or experience, we invested our time and effort in understanding the unique qualities of hundreds of oils, each with its own distinctive fragrance notes.


Our quest for knowledge took us around the world, Including Middle Eastern fragrances to famous natural oils from Asia to the western classics. We studied in detail the properties of Oudh, Amber, and Musks, and brought this knowledge and experience to life with the creation of Fragrance of Arabia.


The perfume house specialises in all types of perfume oils, ranging from classic to premium quality Oudh. Starting a business is never easy, and we at Fragrance of Arabia faced many setbacks and losses. However, with hard work and dedication, we gained confidence in what we were selling, and today, by the grace of Allah, we offer over 1500 different oils, including Arabian, Indian, and famous French oils.


Fragrance of Arabia takes pride in offering you the very best in the industry. Our commitment to quality is evident in their signature bottle, presented in an exquisite pouch. Whether you are looking for a classic scent or a unique blend, you are sure to find something that suits your taste at Fragrance of Arabia.