As salaamu alaykum (Peace and blessings be upon you) Thank you so much for looking at our products. Fragrance of Arabia was established in 2011 when we first opened our shop on eBay.
On my journey to start up this successful business, I embarked on a sensual journey. With no knowledge or experience about fragrance oils, I put my time and effort learning about the variety of oils and blends. I learnt about the qualities of hundreds of oils, each one being unique containing their own distinctive fragrance notes.
I travelled eagerly around the world including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh. My knowledge expanded further as I studied in detail the properties of Oudh, Amber and Musks. I brought this knowledge and experience into life and created Fragrance of Arabia specialising in all types of perfume oils from the lowest classic quality to the highest premium quality Oudh.
This journey wasn't always easy, as any business starting up, I made many losses which taught me valuable lessons. I pushed myself until I became confident in what I was selling, I understood the quality of perfumes better and today by the blessings and grace of Allah, Fragrance of Arabia has over 200 different oils ranging from Arabian to Indian and also famous French oils.
We bring you our first ever signature bottle, presented in an exquisite pouch. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for buying from us